So, why choose to use a Virtual Administrator such as The Admin Bee?

As a consultant, I require neither direct employee management nor the financial and administrative burden of providing an annual salary, National Insurance or pension contributions, holiday or sick pay. 
No IT equipment or services to maintain - I have my own fully resourced and equipped home office with high speed Broadband in situ.
No office space to provide/maintain and no business rates to pay on my space.
I represent a variable cost to your business rather than a fixed overhead - you only pay for the time I spend working on your tasks, and you will be able to offset my costs against your tax liabilities.
 I can provide the flexibility and continuity of service that your business requires. 
Time spent by senior management on routine but vital administrative tasks is delegated to a trusted, very experienced senior administrator.  Your time is a valuable resource which is therefore saved, and you are then free to concentrate on running and growing your business.
Being home based, I can get to my desk and work for you, even when everyone else is snowed in and can't commute to the office!