How I can contribute to the smooth running of your business

I've put together some suggestions as to how I could help your business and these are shown in the menu to the left.  Please click on the menu item to view just some of the ways I can contribute to the efficient running of your business.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of the tasks I could become involved in, and it is always worth contacting me if you have an administrative business requirement that is not named here and we can determine if it is something I can assist you with.

 It may be that there is just one aspect of my services that your business requires, or you may wish to instruct me to handle a variety of tasks:  You may wish me to undertake a specific project for you and instruct me on an ad hoc basis, or you may want me to dedicate a few hours work per week or per month to a range of your administrative tasks.

This is your opportunity to create your own bespoke administrator, who can provide the flexibility to suit your business needs.