Whilst each client will receive a bespoke service, here is a general overview as to how we will work together

 If you are interested in using my services, then please contact me (my details are on the Contact page of this website).
 We can then have an initial discussion about the nature of your business and identify how best I can be of assistance.  Once tasks have been identified, we should be able to work out a reasonably accurate idea of the number of hours required and frequency of service ie.  you may be looking for a regular part-time arrangement whereby I would dedicate a certain number of hours per week to a range of your business tasks, or you may want to hire me on an ad hoc basis, where we would agree suitable deadlines for progression and completion of a specific piece of work.  I provide a flexible solution to create the best working partnership with my clients, so it's worth a discussion to see what method would suit you best.
 My aim when working with you is to become a valued member of your team:  There to provide the most effective administrative service when your business needs me.
 Whilst we will discuss my remuneration in detail and I will provide you with full Terms and Conditions when agreeing to work together, the information below will hopefully give you a broad outline of how the arrangement will work.
 At the outset, we will agree regular call reviews at a mutually convenient time to discuss progress on projects in hand.
 My fees will be based on the number of hours I work for you.  I will record the time I dedicate to your business.  

I charge the agreed hourly rate and invoice you for the work done, full details of invoicing frequency will be agreed depending upon the nature of the project.